Wireless Laptop Speakers

Like with almost any other type of electronic device, one of the biggest hassles and limitations of a laptop setup are wires and cables. From power cables to mouse cables, a cable is almost always needed to connect your laptop to any other devices. Thankfully, tech accessories with Bluetooth and other wireless features are now much more affordable than before.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker System
creative wireless laptop speakersThese wireless speakers looks like your regular laptop speakers. They come with a power cable and an additional cable that connects between the separate speakers. The only difference is that you can use Bluetooth to connect it with your laptops, which usually have a range of 50-feet. This means that you can place the speakers anywhere you like so long that it is near a power outlet. The model in the photo above is the Creative T12 speaker system. For more details and pricing on it, click here >>>

Portable Bluetooth Speakers
bose wireless speakersThese speakers usually come with a rechargeable built-in battery. Be warned that not all portable Bluetooth speakers work well with the power outlet plugged in. Be sure to get one that does especially if you plan to use it at home most of the time. Most of these speakers are usually quite small so do make sure if they meet your audio preferences. The speaker in the photo above is the Bose Soundlink. For more details, photos and pricing on it, click here >>>

Wireless Home Theater Speakers
wireless home theater speakersIf you are looking for wireless laptop speakers with more audio power, you can choose to get a set of home theater speakers with Bluetooth capabilities. There are some very affordable ones that cost just a little more than regular laptop speakers but pack in a lot more audio power. The photo above is of the Sylvania Bluetooth Tower speaker. For more details, photos and pricing on it, click here >>>

Wireless Speaker Adapter
logitech wireless speaker adapter
If you already have a set of wired speakers at home, you do not need to get rid of them to make way for a new set of wireless ones. Instead you can get yourself a wireless speaker adapter. They are like Bluetooth adapters for your wired speakers. All you need to do is to plug it to your speakers and it will help receive and convert Bluetooth audio signals from your laptop. The photo above is of the Logitech Wireless Speaker Adapter. Click here for more details of it >>>

For a full list of excellent wireless speakers, click here >>

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