Windows Surface Pro 2 Vs iPad Air

These are two of the hottest tablet models of 2013 and in many respects, are the best in the market. Till today the iPad is still often considered the benchmark of Tablet PCs and although this is true, many other tablets are making great headway in claiming the title of an iPad-killer tablet. Before anyone gets too excited, I would like to put it out straight that although I would like it to be so, there is no such iPad-killer tablet in the market. Nevertheless, the new Windows Surface Pro 2 is so distinctive in design and performance that it makes this showdown worthwhile. Here is a closer look at these two flagship tablet models.




While no one would even dream calling the previous generation of iPad ‘heavy’, Apple have went ahead in making the brand new iPad slimmer and lighter than ever before, hence the name Air. It now measures in at 9.45 x 6.67 x 0.30 inches in dimensions and weighs just 1.03 pounds. The Windows Surface Pro 2 on the other hand measures in at 10.81 x 6.81 x 0.53 inches in dimensions and weighs 2 pounds, which is almost twice the weight of the iPad Air. If portability is the single most important factor for you, the show is over, Apple wins. Here, it is also important to note that the Windows Surface Pro 2 can perform many functions that the iPad Air can’t (check out the ‘Features’ section).

In terms of aesthetics, the iPad Air now sports thinner screen bezels and overall is akin to a bigger version of the iPad Mini. The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 sports a more industrial, utilitarian, timeless look with an all black finish. Which is prettier? The iPad Air is definitely more eye catching with its sleek lines and slim profile while many would consider the Windows tablet to be a little chunky.

The Surface Pro 2 does, however have a secret weapon in a form of a flip out stand. On the back, you will find a sturdy, built-in flip out stand than can be flipped out so that you can rest the tablet on a tilted angle. This simple yet crucial feature is not found on the iPad, where you would need the help of a casing to do so. The flip out stand on the Windows tablet can even be tilted at two angles.




In terms of processing power, the Windows Surface Pro 2 is the more powerful machine (hence the chunkier size) thanks the Intel Core i5 processor (4th generation). Apple’s iPad Air on the other hand has a much better screen. Its Retina display has a whopping 1536 x 2048 resolution as opposed to the measly 1920 x 1080 on the Windows tablet. Despite the many differences between their specs, it is worth mentioning that both tablets are, overall, very powerful tablets. The more crucial difference lies not within the specs, but within their features and utility.

As many of you already know, this new Windows tablet comes with the brand new Windows 8.1 Pro operating system. Most of Window’s new operating systems enables regular PCs to incorporated tablet like features and vice versa. Because of this new structure in the OS, tablets like the Surface Pro can perform tasks that iPads can only dream off. For instance, the experience of loading and editing Microsoft Office files such as Words and Excel documents is very similar to the experience of doing so on a full featured laptop. In other words, it may look and feel like a laptop, but it also has many of the vital features of a full-featured laptop, especially when used together with the proprietary Surface Keyboard, often considered to be the best tablet keyboard in the market. The Windows Surface Pro 2 can actually be used to get some serious work done. The same can’t be said about the iPad.


So which is the better tablet? If the ability to use your tablet to actually get some serious work done has always been a dream of yours, Surface Pro 2 might just be a dream come true for you, despite all the bells and whistles on the iPad Air. If you plan to get the a tablet exclusively for casual purposes such as surfing the web, watching some movies and playing games, it is hard to find any tablet that would make a better buy than the iPad Air.

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