Virtual Keyboards = Death of Physical and On-Screen Keyboards

Fujitsu virtual keyboard

Fujitsu’s prototype virtual keyboard ©

One of the major and inherent design issues with the tablet PC is the incorporation of the keyboard. While the touch screen has come very far in providing a competent medium of human input, the good old keyboard remains to be the main medium of text input for PCs. The day that the keyboard becomes dispensable is no where in sight.

Current keyboard models for mobile PCs although efficient, are far from perfect. Physical keyboards add heft and bulk while on-screen keyboards usually take up half the screen when in used. Virtual keyboards, like the one being developed by Fujitsu set out to solve those two issues.

So how does it work? The Fujitsu prototype uses a tablet’s built-in front facing camera together with a customer software to track the movements of your fingers. All you need to do is to type on the flat surface in front of the screen, very much like typing on an invisible keyboard.

Fujitsu is still in the experimental stages with this virtual keyboard prototype. Lets hope the final version would come with some lase lights or projections for more accurate typing.

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