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Ultrabooks and tablets are currently two of the most portable computing devices in the market. In varying extents, both these devices can be used for both work and play, and in a perfect world, everyone should own both an ultrabook laptop and a tablet PC. In reality, due to budget constraints, many would have to choose one over the other. Here is a brief comparison between these two computing platforms to help you make your decision.
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At the time of writing, ultrabooks laptops are generally still considered a premium laptop type and this is reflected in its price. Ultrabooks can cost two or three times the price of your average 10-inch tablet. The price of an ultrabook is often enough for you to buy both a 10-inch tablet plus a mid-range laptop model. If you are on a tight budget, the decision should be easy. You should not get an ultrabook. Ultrabooks are generally high specs laptops in a slim body, where the only extra features that you are really getting from those extra bucks spent are aesthetics and portability. Even if you have just enough cash for an ultrabook model, isn’t it better to settle for a lower range laptop model and tablet since you would be getting two devices instead of one? Ultrabooks are really, luxury toys that are best left for those who have a little more cash to spare.


Ultrabooks today have gotten so impressively slim that it really makes you wonder how they manage to pack in so much into such a small body. To give you an idea on how slim ultrabooks can get, lets compare two devices: The Sony Vaio Pro 11 and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10-inch tablet. The Sony Vaio 11 weighs 1.92 pounds while the Samsung tablet weighs 1.32 pounds. Do keep mind that the Vaio 11 has a large 11.6-inch screen and the weight includes its keyboard. So in terms of weight, both devices are just as portable as each other making portability a poor criteria for the sake of this comparison.


Let’s start with the obvious, ultrabooks are much more powerful than tablets so if you are looking for a device to get some serious work done, you should definitely get an ultrabook. Alternatively, you can get yourself a powerful Windows 8 tablet such as the Windows Surface Pro 2. It is worth mentioning that while there is a large variety of Windows 8 tablets to choose from, most of them run on tablet or smartphone processors that are really not very powerful when compared to laptops an PC.

The Windows Surface Pro 2 comes with the latest Haswell processor from Intel, giving you the computing power of a full-featured laptop, in the form of a tablet. To sum it up, if you plan to use the device often for running MS Office software, heavy word processing and other work related tasks, you should settle with either an ultrabook or a powerful Windows 8 tablet (preferably with a good keyboard attachment).

If you are planning to get a device mainly for play (to run tasks such as watching movies, listening to music, surf the web, reading ebooks, checking emails, running social media apps and playing games), you should definitely get yourself an Android or Apple tablet. Although Windows 8 tablets can perform these tasks as well, lets face it, Android and Apple tablets are just way more fun to use.


The decision of choosing between ultrabook and tablet PCs should be an easy one, due to the vast differences in pricing and function. The decision of choosing between these two should be a breezy one.

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