Uber Cool Websites Part 1

Like everything else in life, nothing is created equal. Here is a small list of some of the coolest websites on the internet (according to me at leas).



Those of you who are always on the lookout cool new and images on the internet would really appreciate this website. It is where the funniest, strangest, cutest and most interesting news on the internet congregate. Whether is it mind boggling art, visually interesting images or strange historical trivia, if you can attach the word ‘cool’ to it, you will find it here.



It is one of my favorite websites of all time and chances are you would have already heard of it tool.  Every now and then, the people behind this website organizes some large scale pranks in public to ‘punk’ any unsuspecting passers-by. Their pranks are usually very large scale and all done in good, heart-warming fun.



Looking for some LOL’s? Twaggies is a series of illustrations based on super-funny tweets on Twitter. It is a fun website to visit to get your daily dose of funny.



Many would agree that The Daily Beast is easily one of the best, visually appealing news website on the internet. It is a full-fledge news platform where you can get news on just about anything from Kim Kardashian’s engagement ring to the latest stock market news. There is a very good balance of text and images on the website and the layout is very engaging and visually pleasing. In essence, it is news made accessible.



The tagline for this website is ‘The cure for eyeball boredom’. As you might have guess, the content of the website leans towards arts and design. It is the perfect website for those who are fans of anything that is visually interesting.

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