Transparent Smartphones

Taiwan firm unveils prototype of transparent cellphone

The picture above shows a prototype smartphone from Polytron Technologies in Taiwan. It looks like a very slim, average sized smartphone, only transparent. From the direction smartphones today are developing (going slimmer and smaller with every release), one can easily envision the transparent smartphone becoming mainstream in the not too distant future.

Polytron Technologies is a manufacturer of optic vision and privacy glass. You know the type of glass that can go from opaque to complete transparent though a flick of a switch? Yup that’s call privacy glass. They also manufacture PolyMagic LED Glass that incorporates invisible LED lights within a glass.

From technologies like the above, one might predict that everything is moving towards being transparent in the near future (Remember Samsung Smart Window from CES 2012?). It doesn’t take a genius to predict that transparent smartphones will take the market by storm. The release of this prototype marks the start of a race among smartphone manufacturers to come up with the first working transparent smartphone. Lets some someone makes a mad dash and come up with one of these real soon!


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