Toshiba Mini Laptop: The Toshiba Satellite U925T 12.5-inch Touchscreen Laptop Reviewed

The Windows 8 operating system has single handedly change the way laptops are used and made. Before this, the laptop and tablet market are pretty distinct and separate due to the stark differences in computing power and features. The new Windows 8 OS comes with the regular windows experience that you would get on a regular PC and a tablet user interface like what you would find on a Windows phone or tablet. Since its launch, many laptop-tablet hybrids have been introduced and the 12.5-inch Toshiba Satellite U925T is amongst them. Thanks to its unique design and the Windows 8 OS, the Toshiba Satellite U925T can serve both as a full featured mini laptop and a tablet all at the same time. Here is a closer look at this touchscreen ultrabook.






At first glace, this model seems to have the usual profile of an ultrabook laptop. Measuring in at just 8.40 x 12.90 x 0.78 inches in dimensions and weighing 3.4 pounds, this is a relatively slim and light for a 12.5-inch model. Upon closer inspection, you will realize that there is a subtle difference in this laptop design. Instead of being joint at the edges, the screen of this Toshiba laptop rests about an inch from the edge of the keyboard panel. This design is to accommodate the laptop’s tablet model. When you want to use it in tablet model, you can push the screen 180 degrees towards the back and slide it forward, completely covering the keyboard. When you do this, you now have a spacious 12.5-inch, fully functional Windows tablet model at your perusal.

Like many of Toshiba’s laptop models, the Toshiba Satellite U925T sports a rather industrial looks thanks to its no-nonsense, practical design. It is very symmetrical at every angle, with very few unnecessary aesthetic details. Such designs are more timeless in nature compared to laptops with frilly and distinctive designs. In terms of construction, the body of the U925T feels very well built and sturdy. There are no creaks or wobbles to be felt even as you tilt and slide the screen into tablet mode.

Features & Performance

Despite its size, the Toshiba Satellite U925T mini laptop comes with a set of very powerful specs. The models has an 1.8Ghz Intel Core i5 processor, 4GB of DDR3 RAM and a 128GB solid state hard drive for storage. Specs like these can handle even the heaviest of programs and obsessive multi-tasking with ease. Other features include HD webcam on both the front and back of the screen, Toshiba’s Sleep and Charge USB feature (allowing the laptop to charge devices even when it is off or on standby mode), SRS Premium Sound HD speakers, LED backlit keyboard and NFC (near field communication) features.

As much as the Toshiba Satellite U925T can turn into a tablet, it does not have the battery lifespan of a regular tablet model. Due to its size, hardware and its set of powerful specs, the 3-cell battery is rated to last for just 4 hours on average. You could probably get an extra hour or so on light use.


The 12.5-inch Toshiba Satellite U925T is overall an excellent laptop especially for those who are looking for a small, powerful mini laptop with tablet capabilities. Its very decent set of specs and feature set makes it an excellent choice, regardless of whether you plan to get a laptop for work or play. Do keep in mind though that due to its 12.5-inch screen and modest battery lifespan, this machine is more laptop than tablet. Everything is good so long as you keep realistic expectations on its capabilities as a full-fledged tablet model. At the time this was written, the Toshiba Satellite U925T is priced a just a little over $800 per pop.

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