The Sony PlayStation Vita 2013 Reviewed

Thinner, lighter and brighter. These three words pretty much sum some of the major improvements in the Sony’s new PlayStation Vita. In terms of features and design, there were no major overhauls to be seen. The screen size remains the same and no big improvements were made to its built-in hardware. Then again, why would you fix something that isn’t broken?



Longer Battery Life

With that said, Sony did make some major improvements in one major feature of the PlayStation Vita, its battery life. In the original model, users can expect up to approximately 5 hours of moderate use on one charge. In the new 2013 models, you will be pleased to know that you can get up to 8 hours of battery juice on a single charge (with medium brightness and wi-fi switched on). The device reportedly can even last up to 12 hours of use on light usage, such as playing PSP1 games.

New Display Screen

So how did Sony manage to improve the battery life so significantly? Well the new 2013 PlayStation Vita, makes use of a LCD screen instead of the OLED variety used in the original model. Although it is common perception that OLED screens produce better image quality compared to LCD varieties, this difference is barely noticeable with the new Vita. You could only tell the difference in image quality if you make a side-by-side comparison with the previous model. On its own, only the most discerning user could tell the slight drop in image quality. Yes we do prefer the image quality in the previous model, but personally, I think this barely noticeable difference is a small price to pay for the huge leap in its battery lifespan. Nevertheless, it would be great if we can have the cake and eat it too.

Other Changes

Sony has now included 1GB of built-in memory that is sufficient for storing a variety of small to medium sized games. The device still makes use of the proprietary Vita memory cards that are still a little more expensive than it ought to be.

The new Vita also comes with a minor yet significant improvement in getting rid of its proprietary charging cable and port with a universal micro USB charging port. We personally feel that every single tech gadget on this planet should be powered by a micro USB port if possible for practicality’s sake. Imagine, being able to charge all your devices with just one micro USB charging cable. We hope that that day will be coming soon.


Although it would be a little far fetch to call the new 2013 PlayStation Vita ground breaking, the various small, yet significant improvements are enough reasons for many to ditch the older version for the new one. The significantly extended battery life on the new Vita alone is set to contribute greatly to its already brisk sales.

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