The iPhone 5S: Is It Worth The Upgrade?

At the time of writing, the iPhone 5S is Apple’s flagship phone. Like many of Apple’s ‘intermediary’ phone models such as the iPhone 3S and 4S models, the 5S does not sport any major revamp in terms of design and aesthetics. Nevertheless, the phone does come with some new colors that set it apart from its previous models. Besides silver, you can now get the phone in ‘Space Gray’ and gold. There is some other subtle design changes too. For instance, they have added a ring around the home button. The color of the ring matches the color that you have chosen for its external casing.



The ring around the iPhone 5S is more than an aesthetic detail. The ring serves as a fingerprint reader, a new security feature introduced with this model. For the past couple of weeks, the new touch-id feature has been one of the most talked about feature with this new model. Replacing your phone pin and iTunes password, the touch-id can serve as your phone’s main security firewall. It can store up to 5 fingerprints, allowing the device to be used by multiple users.

The iPhone 5S is powered by an A7 1.3Ghz Swift dual-core processor couple with the M7 co-processor. The use of this processor makes the 5S a very powerful phone and has been drawing a rather surprising type of criticism. While it is undoubtedly more powerful than the previous model, many tech experts have described it as being a little ‘too powerful’. Currently, there are not many apps and features that make use of all the extra computing power found in the phone. So for the average use, the improvements made through inclusion of this powerhouse of a processor is barely noticeable.

Like with the introduction of any new gadget models, many would ask if the iPhone 5S is worth the upgrade. If you own a 4S model or any older versions, the answer is obvious. Buy what if you currently have an iPhone 5? Is it worth the upgrade?



One on of the biggest upgrade-worthy feature found on the new 5S is its camera. It might have the same megapixel count (of 8MP) as the previous model, but significant improvements have been made to its aperture speed. It also has a larger sensor size, which produces better images under low-light conditions.

You can now also take advantage of image stabilization while capturing photos. The powerful processor have also enabled zooming while recording videos and wait for it, the recording of slow motion video shots! In burst mode, the phone captures up to 10 frames per second and you can set it to automatically choose the best one for you if you want. If you use your phone a lot for taking photos and recording videos, the iPhone 5S is definitely worth the upgrade.

Overall, the iPhone 5S does come with a set of pretty decent improvements that retains the iPhone as arguable the best smartphone in the market. So long as you are not expecting any ground breaking, revolutionary features on it, you would not be disappointed. The prices start from just $199 for the 16GB version.

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