The Google Nexus 5: Quick Review + Camera Test

A low price tag and a set of the latest and most powerful specs in the market have prompted many to label the new Google Nexus 5 as THE phone of 2013. The phone is manufactured by LG who has also made its predecessor. This latest model comes with a spacious 4.95-inch screen, making it the largest Google Nexus phone to date. The IPS screen has a 1080 x 1920 resolution, approximately 445 pixels per in. The screen produces very sharp images with vivid colors and very good viewing angles.






Don’t be fooled by the large screen size, thinking that this is another oversized phone. The Nexus 5 is actually thinner and lighter than the previous model. It is very comfortable to hold and fits snugly in your hands, thanks the thin bezel and its overall slimmer profile. At the time of writing, the phone comes in white and black, sporting a matte external casing that is a big departure from its predecessor’s glossy-glossy look. The back has a smooth, matte finish to it with the ‘Nexus’ name embossed onto it. This is a much more practical design, compared to the older model as the matte finish provides better grip and is more durable than a glass back finish. This new design has been receiving a lot of rave reviews all over the internet.


On the inside, the Google Nexus 5 houses some of the most powerful smartphone specs in the market (at the time of writing at least). For starters, there is the quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, 2GB of RAM and 16GB/32GB for storage. Many other flagship smartphones out there with Snapdragon 600 processors have been labeled as ‘speed-demons’. Because of that, many tech experts label the Nexus 5 as being ‘over-powered’, which is never a bad thing where you can expect a buttery smooth experience even when running the bulkiest of applications. The non-removable battery reportedly can last up 17 hours on one charge. And yes, the new Nexus now does come with LTE connectivity.

Like with any Google devices, this phone comes with the latest Android 4.4 Kit Kat operating systems that come with a whole host of new features. For instance, you can now move and rearrange entire homescreens. The dialer section of the phone also serves as pseudo search bar that allows you to search for and directly call the telephone numbers of business of companies that are not listed on your contact list. Some of the other features include an improved Google Now integration (that can be instantly activated by saying ‘OK Google’), wireless charging abilities, an 8MP digital camera and NFC features.


One of the most endearing things about Google is that they have throughout the years developed first class products that they either give away for free or is attached with a rock bottom price tag (check out the Google Chromecast). The Google Nexus 5 may come with all the latest and most powerful specs that you would expect to find in a premium flagship phone but the price tag reflects almost none of that. The price for one for one of these starts from just under $350 for the unlocked version, which is an incredibly modest price tag for such a powerful phone. All in all, the Nexus 5 thus far is arguable the best smartphone that has been released this year. Bundled with a larger touchscreen, more practical design, powerful specs and a modest price tag, many will find this new Android Kit Kat smartphone to be irresistible.

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