The Google Domination Continues

google chromebook pixel 1 With the launch of the new Google Chromebook Pixel, Google is sending this message to the world: “We are here to take over your lives”. In recent years, the search giant has been very aggressive in entering the hardware market.  Since the launch of the Android OS a couple of years ago, it has been releasing a string of very formidable smartphones and tablets in the market. Android tablets and smartphones today dominate 75% of the mobile device market and looks set to rise higher.

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google chromebook pixel 3While the previous Chromebook models were very impressive, no one would think that they would become a mainstream computing platform anytime soon. The laptop’s heavy dependance on an internet connection has been one of its biggest criticism.

Since then, Google has been addressing that issue by introducing more offline apps and features. On the other hand, if you really think about it, most of us nowadays wouldn’t even bother using our laptops or tablets when the internet connection is down. Have we become more internet dependent than we thought we were? Could Google be thinking way ahead of the curve with their Chromebooks?

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google chromebook pixel 5The brand new Chromebook Pixel is a premium machine, coming packed with specs like an Intel Core i5 processor, back-lit keyboard and an ultra high resolution 13-inch screen. The display is a touchscreen and has a 2560 x 1700 resolution at 239 PPI which is the highest pixel density of any laptops in its class today.

It also comes with 4G LTE connectivity, which is currently one of the most sought after features on laptops. It measures just 16.2-inches in thickness and has an anodized aluminum casing that gives it a premium feel that matches its price tag. For those who are not familiar with Chromebooks, theses are laptops that runs on Google’s Chrome OS. It is a  low maintenance system that boots up in a matter of seconds and requires little to no setup for it to be ready to use.

For more info and to order the Google Chromebook Pixel, visit their official website here.


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