The Coolest Mouse On The Block

mus3 mouse 1

© Art Lebedev Studio

It is official, the Mus3 wireless mouse from Art. Lebedev Studio would have to be one of the coolest laptop/PC accessories ever made! The mouse is made in a shape of a conventional mouse cursor and comes in black or white.

mus3 mouse 4

© Art Lebedev Studio

mus3 mouse 5

© Art Lebedev Studio

mus3 mouse 2

© Art Lebedev Studio

Considering that virtually every household in modern society have at least one PC or laptop, the Mus3 mouse would make a perfect gift for just about anyone.

This is a must have gadget for all fashionistas and style conscious techies. It retails at around USD28 per piece and is currently available on sale on many major online retail stores such as For more details on the wireless Mus3 mouse, visit Art Lebedev Studio.

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