Take your iPad of the Power Grid!

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Imagine, an iPad case that can recharge your iPad through solar power. Well imagine no more because Kudo has created an case that can take your iPad off the power grid, possibly forever! It is called the KudoCase.

The case comes with a built-in battery that is use to store power generated by the solar panel to charge your iPad.

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At a glance, the Kudo Case may look like a regular iPad case with a mini solar panel slapped on the outside but it is way more than that. The case also comes with a USB power port and a built-in HDMI adapter. With the USB power port, you can use the case to juice up your other devices with solar power!

Now I know what some of you might be thinking. You are probably saying that ” there is no way in the heavens that I will leave my iPad out in the sun for hours to charge it. The thing is, the solar panel on the casing works for both outdoor and indoor lighting (from lights and indirect sunlight). Even in dim lighting conditions, the panel is able to draw power from the lights and covert it into power. For more details, visit KudoCase.com

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