Scentee Smartphone Accessory: Turn Your Phone Into A Scent Machine!

Scentee is scent accessory for smartphones. The accessory plugs into the headphone jack of your phone and works together with their proprietary app. What it does is provide bursts of scent into the air when activated. Using the app, you can choose the type of scent you wish to generate and when activated, will give a burst of the scent you selected. Based on hands on reports of the accessory, the scents generated are pretty realistic.



The Scentee currently can produce more than a dozen different types of scents including lavender, apple and strawberry. Many other new scents are currently being developed. Inside the Scentee, there is a tiny cartridge that is responsible for the emission of the scents. Each cartridge can emit up to 100 burst of scents and cost just $5 to replace.

You would probably be asking by now, what on earth is this accessory designed for? On top of my head, it could serve as a tiny aromatherapy accessory as well as a mini deodorizer perhaps? Or even a tiny portable, perfume dispenser for you to freshen up when you are on the go. If your friends have the accessory, you could even send scents to them! The developers also mentioned that the device could be used together with games and applications as well to add another sensory dimension to smartphones.

The device so far has been receiving a fair share of harsh reviews so far but personally, I think that this accessory is sheer coolness. The creators of the device just needs to pair it up with more apps and come up with more creative ways to make use of it. Regardless of whether you like the idea of the Scentee of not, you cannot accuse it of being boring. For those of you who are looking forward to get your hands on some of these, the Scentee will be launched on November 15 and will be available on Amazon Japan and

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