RiserBrush: The Fountain Toothbrush

riserbrushOk, this might not pass as tech by it is just too cool to ignore. Gone are the days of using a cup  or your hands to cup for water when you brush your teeth. Introducing the RiserBrush! Place the toothbrush under running water and the handle of the brush can channel the water upwards to create a mini water fountain for your to rinse your mouth.

riserbrush 2

The RiserBrush also features replaceable snap on bristles. Instead of replacing the whole toothbrush all you need to do is to replace the bristles when the wear out, making them much more environmentally friendly than regular toothbrushes.

The RiserBrush is designed and made by Amron Experimental, founded by Scott Amron. And yes! They are also available for sale! Check out more photos and the full details of this genius  of ta toothbrush at Amron Experimental.


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