Remote Controlled Star Wars Quadcopter Drones!

This would be easily the coolest Star Wars RC toy/machine that money can buy. Well, kind of. This piece of coolness is actually a DIY project by Olivier C (check out his YouTube channel and RC group postings in the links at the end of the article).

Olivier C has basically taken 2 ordinary, quadcopter drones and modified them to look like the Tie Interceptor and Millennium Falcon from the Star Wars movies. The body of the RC drone is made from insulation boards. Olivier C has even fitted the Millennium Falcon with lights that really make it look like the real thing!

The finished product looks so polished that it would have easily caused any die-hard gadget fans’ hearts to skip a beat in believing they could buy one of these off the shelves. For now, for a small investment a heap of skills (mad skills we suspect) and patience, you might be able to own one.

For more details and info on Olivier C and how to make one of these for your own, check out the photos and the links below.

Olivier C’s YouTube Channel:

Olivier C’s profile on RCGroups:

Screenshots from Olivier C’s YouTube videos:

starwarsdrone1 starwarsdrone2 starwarsdrone3 starwarsdrone4 starwarsdrone5 starwarsdrone6 starwarsdrone7 starwarsdrone8 starwarsdrone9

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