Mysterious Deaths of Giant Oarfishes

Giant oarfishes are the perfect poster children for sea monsters thanks to their strange appearances. They are long and slender like a serpents and have long antenna-like extensions on their heads the very much resembles the otherworldly characters that you will find in sci-fi stories and fairy tales. The main characteristic about the oarfish is that it is huge. Scientists say that they can grow up to 35 feet in length that is gigantic by any fish standards.

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© LT DeeDee Van Wormer on Wikipedia

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Oarfishes are deep-sea fishes so they are very rarely seen and not many studies have been done on them. Yet, they seem to appear on the news on a regular basis. Recently, on two separate incidents, two oarfishes measuring 4.2 and 5.4 meters were found on the shores of San Diego and Catalina Island. Both were already dead were found and one was found to be bellying hundreds and thousands of eggs.

Most of the oarfish sightings are very similar. They are often found dead or near dead, and are found washed up on the beach or in shallow waters near shore. Experts and scientists have yet to come up with an explanation of these occurrences but there are many speculations that the oarfishes come to the surface to spawn. They deaths may have resulted in them being injured by large waves near the water surface. Or perhaps they die immediately after spawning? Or is it that they can’t stand the changes in temperature and water pressure near the water surface? Any guess would be as good as mine. Whatever the true reasons are, the many mysteries surrounding the oarfish are set to capture our imaginations for many years to come.

So many questions, so little answers. The mere existence of the oarfishes and how little we know about raises the possibilities of other mysterious creatures that could exist in the deep. Also, its existence could also both reinforce and dispel the existence of mythical creatures found in ancient folklore. Imagine a sailor catching sight of a fully-grown oarfish swimming near the boat just beneath the water’s surface. You could hardly blame him for thinking that he saw a giant sea serpent, sea dragon, or other monsters of that sort.



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