LG G Flex: Self-Healing and Pliable. The Coolest Phone of 2013-2014!

Rumors of the self-healing LG G Flex Android smartphone have been circulating for quite a few months now and it reached its climax a month ago when LG released a video of the phone being scratched and it ‘healing’ itself. The video shows the back of the LG G Flex phone being scratched by a metal brush. The visible scratches caused by the metal brush then slowly disappeared over a time lapse of just 2 minutes. This gives a whole new meaning to the term ‘scratch resistant’.

Since the release of that LG video, several tech experts online have gotten their hands on the LG G Flex and got to test out this self-healing feature for themselves. In a demo made by Marques Brownlee on YouTube, he scratched the phone with some keys and a knife. Behold, the scratches did almost completely disappear over some time. He noted that the speed at which the back casing of the phone ‘recovers’ might be influenced by ambient temperature. So wrap your head around this: This self-healing feature on the G Flex works. We now have a phone with a back casing that actually heals itself over time. What’s next?

As if the self-healing feature is not mind boggling enough, the LG G Flex has another one-of-a-kind feature that is sure to turn heads. This phone is actually flexible. That’s right, you can actually bend this phone and at various angles too! The original shape of this phone is slightly contoured. As you can see form the video below, the phone can be flexed and bent to become completely flat under pressure. While we are not sure how useful this feature would be for the average consumer, it is definitely noteworthy by any standards. Keep in that this is a huge 6-inch phone with a built it 3500 mAh battery. When being bent or flexed, we imagine that the screen together with most of the major components on the inside is being bent as well.

So there you have it, a full-featured 6-inch Android phone that is self-healing and bendable. The LG G Flex is definitely the epitome of technological advancements for this year.

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