Laptops Vs Desktops. Which Should You Get?

Unlike the complicated task of comparing laptops and tablets (the lines that divide these two are now blurred thanks to Windows 8), making a comparison between laptops and desktops is an entire story altogether due to their stark differences in function and form. For the sake of an orderly discussion, this article will be divided into several sections below.

laptop vs desktopPortability

The main factor that distinguishes laptops from desktops would have to be the fact that they are much more portable when compared to desktop PCs. There is no question about that. The more relevant question here is how important is the factor of portability to you? Many consumers usually settle for a laptop so that they have the option to carry it around with them if ever they need to. In reality, many of these laptops end up glued to their desk 364 days a year.
Take some time to consider how often do you really need to carry around a computer with you. Unless you are in a line of work that requires for your to lug your laptop out of your home or office a couple of times a week, you would be much better of getting a desktop PC. For those times where you wish you had a computer with you for surfing the net or watching movies when you are out and about, you can opt for an oversized smartphone, tablet PC or a Chromebook, all which are getting more and more affordable than ever.


Desktops are generally cheaper than laptops, even when you factor in the fact that you would need to fork out a little extra to buy the monitor for desktop PCs. For the same price, you could usually get a more powerful processor and more storage on a desktop PC that you would get on a laptop. Desktops also usually have much more connectivity options and are easier to upgrade. With that said, it is worthwhile to note that the price gap between desktops and laptops today are much narrower than ever before.


Other than the factor of portability, a desktop can do everything that a laptop can do but the reverse is not true. Recently laptops have added another new functionality to their list, something that most desktops have yet to catch up on. Thanks to the new Windows 8 operating system, there are touchscreen laptops today that can transform into tablets, literally, whether it is in terms of form or function. The same can’t be said about laptops. On the other hand, desktops are by far, much more comfortable to use, even when compared to the largest of laptops. To date, even the best keyboard designs on the largest of laptops does not even come close to the comfort levels of using an external, full-sized, full-featured keyboard.

Cheat Sheet

If you are not bothered by the price difference between these two types of devices, there is a way to get the best of both worlds with just a little extra investment. Firstly, you can get yourself a decent full-sized laptop. If portability is low on your priority list, stay away from ultrabooks and other slim form laptops as they usually compromise on specs and performance in exchange for a slim design. Next, get yourself a good laptop dock, preferably with extra USB ports, connectors and fans to keep your laptop cool. After that, you can buy yourself a monitor of your choice and a set of comfortable keyboard and mouse to use with your laptop. You now have a PC setting that allows you to have all the comforts of using a desktop and yet have the option to lug your computer with you whenever you need to.

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