Is Android Better Than iPhone?

This question has been asked for many years now and we suspect will be asked for just a couple of years more. Apple may have had a head start with their iPhone (they have been making the iPod touch for many years before launching the iPhone) but Android phones are backed by Google, one of the most formidable brands in the tech world. Both Apple and Google have very different approaches when it comes to their products and their different approaches are extremely apparent in iPhones and Android phones.

© The owner of this artwork cannot be traced. If this graphic belongs to you, please contact us to be accredited.

© The owner of this artwork cannot be traced. If this graphic belongs to you, please contact us to be accredited.

Google is known for delivering products that are mainstream and free, while Apple has been leaning more towards exclusive and premium branding. While Apple’s approached may have worked well many years ago when they made the world’s first smartphone (they were the best for a couple of years). But now, Android phones are getting so good that Apple’s ‘premium’, ‘exclusive’ status is slowly disintegrating into nothing. So, are android phones better than the iPhone?


Android phones are light years ahead in this department. There you have it. Android smartphones have always been highly customizable since day one and it is not until recent years that Apple began to incorporate more customizable features into their devices. Everything from the lock screen to icon styles and screen transition animations are highly customizable on an Android phone without the need for any jailbreak. As for the iPhone, its customization level, whether with regards of its looks or features, comes nowhere close to Androids, even when if when jailbroken. If being individualistic and being able to highly customize your smartphone is important to you, you must get yourself and Android phone.

Ease Of Use

Although the Android’s user interface have improved significantly over the years, iPhones are easier to use. Their interface is a little more intuitive than Android’s making it perfect for first time smartphone users. If you already own other Apple devices, you should definitely get an iPhone as Apple is famous for their integration between their devices.

With that said, we should also note that Apple is also famous for using proprietary software and hardware with their devices. As the whole world is moving towards using universal micro USB ports to charge and connect their mobile devices, the iPhone, in true Apple style, retains its proprietary charger cable. Also, you must almost always have iTunes installed on your PC or laptop if you want to transfer any files between your devices. Android phones can be connected to any PC without the need to install any additional software.


Many would say that the race is close on this one but I say that Android wins this category too, hands down. Both type of devices are neck in neck when it comes to the number of apps that are available for download and each have unique features not found on the other. With that said, Android do have lots of very useful features that Apple is just slowly beginning to catch up on (such as notification bars and widgets). The truth is, Android devices can do almost anything that an Apple mobile device can do but the reverse is not true.

For starters, the Android experience on every phone is not the same. Every major phone manufacturer make use of their own user interfaces together with the Android OS to provide for brand exclusive experience. This allows each brand to incorporate brand-exclusive features on their devices, significantly increasing the variety of Android features between brands. The user experience between Samsung, LG, Sony and HTC Android phones are considerably different from one another where you will have plenty of choices in choosing which one your prefer. The same can’t be said for iPhones.

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