How To Make Android To iPhone Video Calls

Exclusivity has always been one of the biggest strengths (and some may also say weakness) of Apple products. Apple products usually come with a long list of proprietary features such as proprietary chargers, software, operating systems, processors and so on. On iPhones for instance, there is the FaceTime, a video call app that is designed to make and receive calls between Apple devices only. In classic Apple fashion, you of course, cannot use this app to make or receive video calls from other devices. With Android devices taking over the smartphone market, it is wise for iPhone users to peer out of the Apple ecosystem once in a while to discover where the tech world is heading. Here is a list of apps that can be use to make video calls between iPhones and Android devices.

SkypeThis is the definitely the granddaddy of all video conferencing software. It is safe to say that their popularity and video call quality is second to none. Skype not only allows you to make Android to iPhone video calls, but also make video and voice calls between any devices (including laptops, desktops and tablets) with the Skype software installed. For a small fee, you can even make real phone calls to mobile and fixed lines.

hangoutDeveloped by Google, this is another excellent app to make video calls. The app support video calls amongst up to people at any one time and like Skype, can be used on iPhones, iPads, Android devices, laptops and desktops. So long you have it installed on both devices, you can use it to make video calls between any devices.

Here are some other very popular apps that you can use to make Android-to-iPhone video calls. Just have them installed on both devices and you are set:

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