Embrace+ Notification Bracelets by Paul & Rudy

Embrace plus 1

Embrace+ by Paul and Rudy

Wrist gadgets are not new, but lets face it, most of these jewelry/watch-like gadgets in the market today are rather dorky looking… useful but not exactly what you want to be seen wearing.

The Embrace+ bracelet would have to be the single coolest looking  tech gadget that we have seen in a long long time. It is a simple band with embedded LED lights that can be adjusted to any colors in the spectrum.

embrace plus 3So what does it do? You can set the bracelet to show a certain color for different notifications. For instance, you can set for it to turn blue when you have a text message come in, red when your phone is low on battery or green when you receive a Facebook notification.

The bracelet is paired with an App and there is more than a dozen of notifications that you can set up with it. The color-notification color is completely customizable to your taste and preference.

embrace plus 2There is something very elegant about the simplicity of this gadget. Above all, it actually looks really good! The customizable colors mean that you can choose a color that matches your outfit. It is a conversation piece, gorgeous fashion accessory and practical tech accessory all rolled into one. What else can you ask for? Do help Paul & Rudy get this project started at Kickstarter.com

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