Cool Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Cases

Picking the right casing for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a trickier process that selecting one for a regular 4-inch smartphone. Due to the sheer size of the Note 3, the casing that you choose would be that much more visible compared to that on smaller smartphones. Because of that, you want to spend a little more time to make sure that the casing that you are going to buy is aesthetically pleasing. Here is a short list of some of our favorite Note 3 cases.

Qtech TooGoo Armor Hard Case
Qtech TooGoo Armor Hard CaseQtech TOOGOO 2The Qtech Armor hard case for the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is currently one of the best selling Note 3 casings in the internet for many reasons. For one, it is a heavily padded casing that provides excellent protection for the phone. Then there is a flip our belt clip that can also serve as a stand for watching movies or video conferencing. Thirdly, it is extremely affordable. Costing less than $4, it is a fraction of the price of Otterbox and other similar cases. If you are looking for a rugged, shockproof, drop-proof casing for your phone. The Qtech TooGoo is the perfect case for you. For more photos, info and pricing of this casing, click here >>

Celto Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Wallet Case
Cellto Samsung Galaxy Note 3 CaseCellto 2Another benefit that comes from the Note 3’s big screen size is that it enables its casing to serve as a fully functional wallet! Wallet cases are all the rage now when it comes to oversized smartphones as people are beginning to realize that their casing can entirely eliminate their need for a wallet. The Celto casing above is one of the more stylish wallet cases out there with its textured finish and white side stitching that gives it a luxurious look. When closed, the case resembles a black leather envelope and the case can also be folded to serve as a stand. For more photos, info and pricing of this casing, click here >>

(Also, do checkout the another excellent wallet case from Anker here)

Spigen Bounce Case
Spigen Samsung Galaxy Note 3spigen 3The Bounce casing is designed for those who are looking for a shockproof case for their Samsung Galaxy Note 3 phone without adding a lot of bulk. Most of the rugged casings out there are relatively bulky in size due to the extra padding, but this is not the case for this Spigen model. The casing is made from elastic TPU material that absorbs shocks. The case completely envelops the phone where you can lay the phone with the screen facing down without worrying the surface scratching the screen (since there is no physical contact between the flat surface and the screen). For more photos, details and pricing of this casing, click here >>

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