Camera Accessories: Shutter Huggers

dinosaur shutter

Anyone who has ever tried taking  photos of babies, infants and pets would know all too well how hard it sometimes is to get your muse to look and smile at the camera. All photos on this post are from ShutterHuggers.Com.

giraffe shutterShutter Huggers  looks set to change the infant-pet photography scene forever! Shutter Huggers manufactures small plush toys that are designed to

shutterhuggers 2 shutterhuggeres 3wrap around your camera or smartphone. Just wiggle the soft toy right before the shot and you are guaranteed to get your baby to look straight into the lens, or sometimes even better still, smile straight into the lens!

These plush camera accessories comes in various designs to fit various camera models. They can be bought on and several other major online retailers. The company’s founder Bethenny was even recently feature on the Ellen show. Check out the video below!

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